AOC – Appellation d’Origine Controlee
Depaz has received the coveted AOC designation confirming its strict adherence to precise standards of excellence. This official seal of quality confirms you are enjoying a product of the highest order which comes from 100% cane juice and is aged in oak casks. Additionally, this special designation defines important quality standards for a range of issues such as the production facilities, the sugar cane fields, cane variety, juice extraction, fermenting process, distilling process, storage and aging process. Nothing is or can be added (i.e. coloring, flavors) to an AOC designated rhum agricole such as Depaz.

Estate Distilled / Estate Produced
Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rhum (ALC. 45% BY VOL) is made exclusively from blue cane born at the Chateau Depaz Estate in St. Pierre, Martinique.

Copper Column Distillation
Distillation in copper, common to whisky and cognac production, helps deliver a special character to Depaz Rhum before it is introduced to select oak barrels for aging.

Aging / Maturation
The exclusive use of blue cane delivers a special character and flair which is unique to the Depaz Estate. Depaz Rhum is aged in special, charred, small oak casks which help to impart attractive barrel wood and mountain air aromas into the finished product. The result is a remarkable depth of flavor and aroma.

Taste Characteristics
Fully maturing in oak casks allows Depaz to capitalize on the use of expensive blue cane sugar cane juice, yielding a significantly more complex offering which delightfully compliments the senses with a smooth, refined elegance.

A Special Approach to Recycling
After the blue cane sugar cane juice has been fully extracted, the dry fibers that remain (called BAGASSE) become the environmentally friendly fuel for the boilers to run the Depaz steam engine (the very same engine that once was used to supply water to the fountains at the Chateau de Versailles) to again power that engine to crush the cane and heat the stills...a recycling model at its oldest and best.